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Sore's fumigators is a team of the most affordable Pest Control professionals who offer competitive and quality bed bug extermination and eradication services in Nairobi and the outskirts of Nairobi. We have a team of qualified and well trained staff who are licensed and certified with the latest humane methods and evidential based techniques of getting rid of and treating infestations from bed bugs.

There are several available solutions whenever one is looking for bed bug extermination. Our Company can offer either a chemical application or a Heat Treatment program. The chemical solution is always preferred because the chemical composition is proven to kill bed bugs on contact and it also lasts for many months between the areas where bedbugs hide which ensures that any bug that was missed during the extermination will finally be eliminated. Our bed bug pest control treatment is safe for your family and all pets while still eliminating all the bug infestations in your home.

What are BedBugs?

Bed bugs are parasitic insects of the cimicid family that mainly feed on blood. An adult bed bug is light to reddish-brown, it has a flattened, oval-shape and they have no hind wings, so they can't fly. Bedbugs use pheromones and kairomones to communicate, and they majorly communicate about nesting locations, feeding and reproduction. A bedbug has a lifespan that varies through different species but it also depends on how they feed.

Bedbugs can survive over a wide range of temperatures and atmospheric conditions and they mainly survive as bloodsucking insects. Most bedbug species feed on the human blood only when other solutions are not available. Bed bugs are attracted to their hosts primarily by carbon dioxide and secondarily by warmth. Their bites are not usually noticed at the time but they develop slowly to low itchy welts that may take up to weeks to go away.

Bed bugs prefer exposed skin, preferably around the face, neck and the arms of a sleeping individual. Under certain favorable conditions adult bed bugs can live for as long as a year without feeding, under typically warm conditions they will try to feed at a five to ten day intervals and adults can survive for about five months without food. Younger bugs cannot survive nearly as long, though even the vulnerable newly hatched first bugs can survive for weeks without taking a blood meal.

Sore's Fumigators offer expert bed bug extermination to all residents around Nairobi and its environs. Whenever you contact one of our officers, you will get an immediate quote and you can book a day and plan for our services. We react in real-time, so you will be served as soon as you find it convenient.

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Our Services.

We provide a range of bedbug eradication services in Nairobi City and its environs, some areas where we specify in include:

Home Bedbug Eradication & Control.

Household bugs can cause a lot of anxiety and inconvenience. Their potential to spread diseases can compromise the health of your loved ones, furthermore, the damage that most of them may cause can threaten the safety of your home. We

Hotel And Motel BedBug Management

As a hospitality professional you are expected to have high standards of sanitation, so when it comes to hotel/motel pest management issues you should be thorough. That means that you should provide a safe and pest-free environment which includes your

School & Campus Bug control.

We understand how important the maintenance of hygiene is for a school premise and we can cater for any school needs through our innovative methods. We provide comprehensive school bug control including the assessment of the condition, implementation of the

Commercial BedBug Control.

Bugs and Pests can slow down your business by hurting your reputation, disrupting normal operations and they may result in regulatory fines. With us, your business will always be protected. We will work with you to keep your business safe

Vehicle and Automobile Bug Control.

Pests in cars and other automotive vehicles are major problems these days. Depending on your location, various types of bugs can find their way into your car. Common bugs that can be found in cars are flies, cockroaches, bed bugs,

About Us.

Sore’s fumigators are bed bugs experts with years of experience on how to inspect and get rid of bed bugs. We offer quality and affordable bug eradication services in the safest and most effective methods and techniques available. We get

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I recommend this..Great work & Great Turnaround time. Excellent services, thank you very much for your help, the Bugs were killing me.

Mercy Njuguna. Resident, Hurlingham.

I had a Fear of the bugs coming back, very bad for business, but its like you exterminated all of them. Thank you very much for your services, I"m glad to recommend you anytime.

Mathew Korir. Manager, Overview Hotels and Lodging.

Thank you for the Affordably Low costs.

Dan Behewa. Resident, Githurai.

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