Sore’s fumigators are bed bugs experts with years of experience on how to inspect and get rid of bed bugs. We offer quality and affordable bug eradication services in the safest and most effective methods and techniques available. We get rid of bed bugs using our three-step procedure of Inspection, Eradication, and Monitoring. The treatment process may vary depending on the levels of infestation.

Some Of the Reasons Why You Can Depend on Us include:

High Success Rates

Our success rate is one of the main reasons why you should consider using our services. We have a 99.9% success rates, which may be the reason why Nairobi relies on us to protect their homes and families from bed bugs.


To get rid of bed bugs you need more than just determination. You need experience, and we have the expertise required to free your home and environment from bed bugs.

Free Inspection and Recommendation

We offer free inspection and recommendation to our clients. Our inspection helps find the most hidden bugs while our recommendation contains a detailed report on how to avoid future infestation.

Discretion and Flexibility

Our services are flexible depending on client preferences. We also take into account the sensitivity of bed bugs infestation in your home or business environment.

Fast Response.

Whether you need reliable pest prevention services or a fast emergency response, we will try our best to be there in the required time.

100% Bed Bug Eradication

We guarantee our clients 100% eradication. We use powerful, effective and human-friendly methods to get rid of bed bugs.

icon Our Vision.
To provide international standards fumigation and bug control services to all our clients and foresee the elimination of bugs from our environment.
icon Our Mission
To provide efficient and cost-effective fumigation and bug control services that meet our customers’ needs.
icon Our Policy
Sore’s Fumigators are committed to providing efficient fumigation and pest control services to customers as per the international quarantine standards.